A humorous storyline about little kids growing up and growing weird in the inner city

Addicts, thieves, con men–this is the sordid neighborhood of Shipley Terrace

The irreverant Angus Foley and his fellow drunkards bushwhack their way through life

Baby Babylon


It may seem contradictory to suggest that a hilarious webcomic could be about the horrors of the inner city. It doesn’t matter if it’s the best online cartoons (or the  worst online cartoons); these days, everything seems contradictory. So why not Creeque Alley? All the best web comics are doing it.

Creeque Alley is definitely a web comic for grown-ups. Sheltering children from online cartoons with questionable content is important, because the best web comics are always the ones that parents tell us not to read. Just like music–where the parental warnings are known to increase sales dramatically–online comics always benefit from being forbidden.

Please, parents, beg your children not to read Creeque Alley. If we’re going to get on the top webcomics list we need your disapproval!


Shipley Terrace conjures up thoughts of that old Animals song about getting the heck out of some crappy place.  There are a few newspaper comics and plenty of webcomics too with similar themes, so what makes Shipley Terrace different from other online toons? Massive amounts of liquor, that’s what.

Or, Shipley Terrace could more accurately be said to be a web comic about bygone alcoholic eras. Not every online cartoon features dry drunkards bulldozing their way through relationships in neighborhoods they despise. Maybe that’s what web comics should be about. Weird comics are the new black.

Don’t like Shipley Terrace? No problem.  Garfield and Odie are waiting for you.


The best web comics and all cartoons for that matter all have one thing in common: annoying-ass kids. Dennis the Menace and is wacky Huck Finn ways is one example. Maybe Dennis never knocked back Martinis at recess like a certain Mr. Foley in the online cartoon No Loitering. Maybe that would have made Dennis a much more interesting character.

No Loitering means, of course, there will be loitering. Like any good web comic, there will also be bouncers and sexy grandpas and US Presidents.

What – your favorite web comic doesn’t have any of that? Tsk tsk. That’s what you get for trusting Buzzfeed for telling you about the web comics you “need to read. Think for yourself, sheeple.